Take the weight off your feet, lie back and enjoy a reflexology treatment. Reflexology is a fantastic therapy which can improve overall health and wellbeing and make your feet feel good.

What is it

Reflexology originates from Egypt and China in 2330Bc. It was rediscovered in the early 20th C as zone therapy and was later evolved as reflexology by Eunice Ingham an American physiotherapist and is now popular all over the world.

How does it work?

Reflexology is the application of gentle or firm pressure, as desired, on the points or zones of the feet or hands. The zones are believed to directly link to and influence specific areas in the rest of the body. Any problem areas are gently worked on to release tension and stimulate the corresponding part of the body, to improve circulation and release endorphins, which is very relaxing. For example, a person with headaches would have the reflex area for the head worked on more thoroughly, or, a person with fertility issues might have more stimulation on the areas associated with the reproductive organs and hormones.

Reflexology is a suitable treatment for most conditions and is also very relaxing.


Treatment involves an initial consultation with a comprehensive health history to exclude any contraindications and to find out which zones/areas to concentrate on to give the best results. The feet are usually used for treatment but the hands can be used instead if you prefer. After examining the feet, there is a warm up to make them flexible and ready for treatment which last approx. one hour, finishing with a cool down and the application of a foot cream.

It may be beneficial to have a course of treatments approx. once a week or less frequently depending on the condition you have.

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