Acupuncture Therapy

What is it

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy which has been used for thousands of years. It works by inserting fine needles into acupuncture points along the meridians of the body to balance energy, often called Qi, to relieve pain and promote a natural healing response. Qi should flow freely around the body through the network of meridians and when it becomes stuck or stagnant or deficient can cause ill health. Moxa, a warming herb and cupping may also be used as part of treatment if appropriate.

British Acupuncture Council

What can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture is one of the most versatile of the complementary therapies, as it may help with virtually any condition you can think of. Some common examples of conditions which i am asked to treat are headaches, painful joints, sciatica, stress, back pain, asthma, hayfever etc. It can be used alongside western medicine or on its own and is also very relaxing. Acupuncture aims to get to the root of your health problem and can therefore be more effective than just treating the symptoms.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very fine and when inserted create a sensation often described as a dull ache or tingling which soon goes off.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the individual and the reason for treatment. As a rough guide between 2-6 treatments approx. once a week should begin to have some effect.

What does treatment involve?

Initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour, to include a full health history followed by treatment.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Since I began my practice I have had so many requests for fertility acupuncture that I have developed a special interest in fertility and pregnancy and have helped many women and men with fertility problems. My My own experience with clients have shown me that acupuncture can help in achieving a natural pregnancy or throughout IVF and during pregnancy up to and after birth.
Getting pregnant appears to be becoming less easy for some women with a combination of factors affecting conception; sometimes there is no physical reason found for the inability to conceive. Acupuncture may help to regulate menstrual problems and hormone levels. It may increase blood flow to the womb to help thicken the lining and therefore the ideal conditions for egg implantation. Research show that there are fewer miscarriages at three months in those receiving acupuncture on a regular basis. Acupuncture may also improve sperm quality.
Acupuncture is very beneficial in helping to relax clients through the emotional ups and downs of IVF. Acupuncture for fertility gives me a great source of satisfaction and pleasure in helping women to achieve a pregnancy and go on to have baby.
Best results are seen with regular treatment ideally 1-2 months prior to IVF.
I have recently become an affiliated member of the Zita West acupuncture network. Any of my clients wishing to use any services from the Zita West clinic will be entitled to a discount.

Acupuncture Facial

Anne also specialises in Facial Acupuncture which aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and involves stimulation/tightening of the facial muscles with electro-acupuncture, followed by facial massage to promote blood flow to the face and drainage of toxins. It helps to moisten and tone the skin giving it a healthy glow and is also deeply relaxing.

Acupuncture for Stopping smoking and weight control

With the use of ear and body points acupuncture may be used as part of a support process to assist in giving up smoking and other addictions, and to help control the appetite and help maintain a weight loss programme. I am a trained no-smoking consultant within primary care and can offer support and advice.
However it must be stressed that clients may need to make lifestyle changes and that treatment is in no way a substitute for individual efforts required.

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What Is It?

Holistic Massage is one of the oldest known healing arts. It uses the hands to manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the body. It stimulates the circulation, releasing knots and tension in aching muscles where found, eliminating toxins and boosting immunity and energy levels. It works on the person as a whole to promote wellbeing and is very relaxing.


Begins with an initial consultation to include a comprehensive health history to ensure there are no contraindications to massage, and, to formulate an individual massage plan to suit your needs. You can choose to have a:

› Full body massage (60mins)

• Half body (40mins) - which includes back neck and shoulders, with a choice of either
• Arms
• Legs
• Abdomen
• Face, scalp and head
• Back, neck and shoulders (30mins)

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